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It was a team that born with the initial goal of develop a DC vs Marvel fighting game, similar on to Capcom's 90's crossovers like X-men vs Street Fighter, this by using Elecbyte's MUGEN engine, currently the team is on indefinite hiatus.

You can support if you want to keep the motivation of working on mugen stuff:

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This is the new ScruffyDragon website, it is easier to access than the last one, there is not forum, instead there is Disqus, you can post messages on each section by log in on Disqus, with your Facebook, twitter and any other social media method, there are not registrations to this site.

As you might notice there is a code that asks the removal of adblocker (only shows if you have one active), the site doesn't generate as much as before and that is because most of the people block ads, our ads are not intrusive there are not annoying pop up's, please, white list Scruffydragon page in your adblocker and the removal code won't bother you.

Enjoy your stay at Scruffydragon and enjoy MUGEN games.

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