The Site Rules

On past times ScruffyDragon  site use to have a forum so we had a set of simple rules to keep peace and order... simple as they were, for some guys this rules were like something that needed to be challenged, something that I always wanted and requested from visitors was a simple thing called respect, it may be a mistranslation or something about understanding, but everytime this people see this word, somehow they think that make them less of a man.

Let me explain, for me,  respect is not just  a demand for admiration (like some people think), this people do not respect my work on MUGEN maybe because it sucks, maybe out of jealosy or whatever other reason,  when I asked for respect was just to have good manners to me, I nevers asked for cheers or acceptance,  just respect..  somehow the words does not make any sense for them in the same way I expected,  I want to make it clear since this is a new begining, respect = good manners, you don't have to like me, and I don't have to like you, but doesn't mean we can't be civil.

Why am I saying this?, I'll get to the point while I set the rules,  in this new site we don't have forums, I implemented like many other sites Disqus, anyone can log in using Facebook, Twitter, and many other ways of social media tools, you just have to link your account, if you used Disqus before you can post comments here as well, so moderating messages will be almost nonexistent, I think civility is important, by saying this to the point now:


1.- Please hold back your opinions and rude comments, if you wish to post your opinions do it in the form of a critique. In other words hold off on being an asshole.. I'm an asshole myself but I keep my comments off websites that have rules.

Bottom line, if you do not have good manners to me I don't have good manners to you, I think this is the base for any kind of relationship, and it always been like that, if I was rude to you in the past now you know then problem was ALWAYS you  :).

2.- So, you decided to ignore I do not have good manners to my work or my person, well, no problemo,  I won't police the site, because if I learned something in all this years is that I don't have to listen to angry people on a computer, phone or tablet,  as a friendly advice don't waste your time trying to flame me, because I will ignore any kind of negative comments.

And by negative it means, you being rude, you can dislike a character or something, but at least explain why and where in order to improve it later, and I repeat,  you can do it without being an ass, this is another miss conception that is always a problem for people that give "feedback".

People thinks that "helps" by being assholes pointing mistakes in a rude way...  newsbreak! you really don't.

3.- About the content on this site, it stay as it is,  and won't be removed for any reason (unless I get another cease and desist from Marvel),  only official reasons, I will ignore embittered people.

Most of the current content was made when there was  a team,  and some of that work was in always in collaboration, (someone did the sprites other person did the code.. etc) this means that if some ex-member for some  reason stops or stopped to like me,  you can't erase the past, you worked with me,  I wasted my time in your stuff, you can't take it back because I worked on it too, ergo  it belongs to me too, there is a part of me on that like it or not.

I mention this because like a year or two ago I got a mail from someone (I won't mention who),  requesting taking down "his" characters that I coded, because let me quote him I was "being an arrogant prick", I found it weird because at that moment I was retired, not posting or visiting mugen sites from a very  long time, it seems not talking with a person or  leaving the comunity makes me arrogant and a prick :P. If you want the full gossip shame of you XD,  in the end I sent him to hell and thats why I am making this rule and I won't talk about this again..

4.- There will be only new releases when there is revenue  (the reasons of this will be expanded in another article), as for revenue includes, paypal or patreon donations, if you buy something from Enterteinment Earth or just by getting enough site hits for qualify in the google add program and get montly payment.

No goals, no releases, complains will be ignored, remember be civil all the time.

5.- Currently there is not team, ScruffyDragon is only me,  from now on Magus = ScruffyDragon.

Since I enter into the MUGEN community I was Maguscorp, Lord Magus, NeoMagus, Darth Magus and the most well know just Magus, since I leave the MUGEN scene some years ago I been using ScruffyDragon, ScruffyTurtle or ScruffyGuy in other non mugen comunities and people I meet usually call me Scruffy or Scruf and I really like it in that way, as funny fact no- english speaking persons sometimes they thought I was girl, in other languages "Scruffy" sounds girlie, I discovered that  there are lots of desperate guys around... LOTS... I have fun shame them after their mistake :D

Anyway, you can call me whatever you want, this is just me making clear the change of nick, and noooooo I am not being and ego maniac that took over everything, is just me being practical, chillout with the conspiracy theories.

6.- I will add or amend any rules as I see it fit in the future.

And you know what, this are no really rules for you,  is more like an explanations of how the thing will work from now on and I will stick to them, is more like MY rules .

Enjoy the ScruffyDragon site and your are free to comment below.