Why patreon, paypal, google ads?....

As far there is revenue there will be updates and releases, sounds harsh, but if you let the ads work and you visit the site and contribute with comments, reviews, etc., in less words, you support the page, everything will flow you don't need to directly donate or use the patreon page.

You can or can't agree with the changes I am open to listen your opinion and you can contact me using social media, commenting below this article or sending directly an email,   as far you are  well mannered with me you can tell me anything, It has always been like this,  otherwise and as new policy I will just ignore you, I wont engage and I won't feed any kind of trolling unless the trolling is funny  I like that :D.

Why of this ? the revenue never were tons of money, and I always use it for:

  • - Pay the hosting and domain.
  • - Pay the license of at that time Invision Forum. ( that was not cheap).
  • - Forum Skins (that changed with every forum upgrade) .
  • - Software, by example among it, the licence of GameMaker planned for use on the DCvM frontend, Game Extractor (for ripping sounds)  and another small ones mainly from the "coffee brand" for widgets like add a small stereo to play the dcvm soundtrack or the video player the site used to had, someone remember that? well that costs money.

All of this  was available for all, and the software available was pinned at the top in the private sections of the forum for those senior members able to use it.

In this 3 or 4 years, I have seen the evolution of the community some sites work the same doing all for the love of characters and games, but keeping the motto that somehow ScruffyDragon implemented of branding and taking exclusivity on their works, that is fine, other sites or creators have in the pages openly asking for donations or patreon and even their links have redirections for monetize (that specifically dislike redirection links)  suddenly this give me a sense of double standard, in my(our) days of the peak of ScruffyDragon site, probably we were branded as exploiters and probably witch hunted, we never openly requested something and never the less once an  ex-teammate attacked me openly for have google sense and there were(are) others who thought the same way.

I ask myself, does the things had changed? 

Also I noticed another kind of people, they make a compilation and launch it as a game,  and they really exploit users asking for donations, putting redirection links,  fueling their site with ads (and really annoying ones) using survey systems to unlock files!!!,  and they do it when is not even their work, what gives here?

This guys give a rat ass if the "creator" complains because "the internet is free", they give 3 miles of row if someone flames them.. they still make more for their benefit because they pay nothing from hosting or software, and the actual creator gets shit if try to do something to keep his dream on.

That really pissed me off and I began to change my mind.

While I let the site to decay,  I worked very closely with DrStrange (Mike), he is used to commission spriters and coders for get his things done, in my case I never accepted his money because in exchange of my coding work,  I was able to do what I like, I coded his characters but I also requested sprites of characters he might not like, that was my payment, he provided me with stuff to develop my projects and I coded what he liked and you know,  I liked work in that way.

 I am open to do it in that way for other people, at the beginning  I feel sometimes wrong he spends money in commissions for stuff, but he told me "hey! there are guys that spend more in golf" and he is right there is also people that spend more on cigarettes or alcohol and that is fine,  so this is my vice, our vice!! my plan is use the donations or the money the site generate with ads to pay commissions on sprites (making sprites is the thing that delay projects) and keep the snowball rolling.

Great plan?! If you were reading until here, that is up to you to decide.

This are the reasons of why and how is going to be used if it generates something, in another article I will explain the methods for monetize and the rewards for those who join the wagon, also I will create another article to summarize my project plans something like a schedule.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment below if you want to.