Hey there! the site is back up and I think all the files are up again. The navigations is in my opinion improved compared with phpfusion that was such a mess filled with bots.

- Please if you find any dead links or missing files please report it by dropping a message or sending me an email

- There are not forums, there is Disqus, if you use it before you can use it here, there are not registrations and the bots are problems of others.

- If you have any doubt of how I will be working please read my articles.

- If you can't find a file, use the search box at the top of the page, it is very accurate.

- As a comeback present there is the compilation of DC vs Marvel phase 1 available on Winmugen and Mugen 1.1.

It kind always bugged me that some people always say that we never finished the game,  by mugen standards was pretty much done since I guess 2009-2010, we were just lazy to upload the files together,  I guess the building by yourself part annoyed some people, especially the ones that don't know anything about mugen or those that were lazy like us for assemble it.

So there it is, the DC vs Marvel assembled (characters not balanced) but at least with matching portraits, everyone with its stage and music playing fine in both versions :D it is kind of cool.

Also I am not sure since I made this with my own files maybe there are some stuff never released before, between it, I think the lifebars, and a couple of stages... not sure really, I don't remember that is the bonus I guess.

For what version to pick, is hard to recommend something because both are flawed, as we know Winmugen has troubles with lots of machines, you might find problems mainly with music not playing or not looping and posible crashes.

Mugen 1.1 is stable and you might encounter incompatibilities with some characters since there are not yet upgraded to Mugen1.1 the main bug that pops out are issues with the portraits, in fights they do not change to the selected pal color, I read about this issue that it supposedly fixed by using sff2,  but when I fixed Pocket World DC I fixed all the characters to sff2 and it did change a thing with the fight portraits, reading more, some people think is an engine issue and I guess I have to agree with that, if someone knows more of it please tell me.

Second problem with portraits is in the versus screen, the P2 portrait definitions ignores the parameter of "facing" so the name of the character will show up mirrored,  I had the same trouble in Pocket World DC and the way I fixed was making a new portrait reading the 9000,2 sprite, but this created another problem Mugen 1.1 also read that sprite for the Win Quotes screen and can't be changed... I had to made custom images including both portraits in that single image and now runs nice, but I didn't do that on DC vs Marvel, at least not yet, it is in my plans for a bigger upgrade.

That is the choice winmugen possibly no music and crashes or mugen 1.1 mirrored portraits and incompatibilities, still both are playable XD.

Enjoy and you'll se me more if I see movement here!