Lex Luthor update complete progress.

Lex Luthor update for DCSH project,  this are the things were added

hper and mercy

- Updated to Mugen 1.0 /1.1
- Added flying/hover mode.
- Added mines borrowed from his pocket version.
- More variation of pre- existing moves like in the flame moves and tyrant drill.
- Replaced most of the FX and more were added also borrowed from the pocket version.
- Added  "hurt/damage" idle pose and crouching idle pose.
- Added advanced guard and recovery rolls.
- Added A.I. Mugen 1.0 style.
- Added Hope and Mercy (new sprites)  in an intro replacing the Joker and Cheetah's and in a winpose  now both offer a drink to Lex.
- Added  Level 3 team hyper with Hope, Mercy and a couple of the Lex-men. (Luthor's private army)..
- Gameplay adjusted and tweked for the demands of my project.

Sprites by Enzo & Smogon with help of KalElvis & McCready, new sprites by Scruffydragon.
Code originally by Buyog and this version is being updated by Scruffydragon.

Preview part 1
Preview part 2