New creator on the Scruffy Ranks!

I like to give him the Welcome to the site to logansam, he has been fan of the ScruffyDragon works for years and in the same time he has become a mugen creator on his own, now his creations will be available from this site I will be uploading them in the next hours (or days...sry).

He recently released Furious Hulk, for those who do not have it yet, you can get it from this site too.

Download over Here


Sprites by logansam and Gartanham
Sound rips by logansam and Gartanham
Coded by logansam and Gartanham

And you can watch his progress of his own Warmachine (No! it is not Mccready's) on his YouTube Channel,  the void of wanting a Warmachine is about to be filled the next year.

Logansam's Warmachine preview Video

Enjoy! Logansam creations and welcome him to ScruffyDragon.