Just over a year ago I launched the full Pocket World DC game, for those who do not follow me on Facebook or are subscribed on YouTube, maybe you are not aware of what they have been working.

In this time mainly the DC superheroes Capcom style game is the one that is being worked.



Designed by DNGR, updated to mugen 1.0 and adapted for full game by Scruffydragon-Magus

To this day we have 6 characters completed, (click on the names and numbers for see the progress videos).

Batman 2 3

Design and sprites by Alucard, additional sprites,  fully recoded, retouched sprites by adding "smart" palette by Scruffydragon-Magus

Powergirl 2

Design and initial sprites by Arque, completed sheet by Logansam,  additional sprites and code by Scruffydragon-Magus

Shazam 2 3

Design and initial sprites by Enzo and Isela, more sprites and moves by Logansam, additional sprites and code by Scruffydragon-Magus.

Bleez 2 3

Design, sprites and code by Scruffydragon-Magus.

Plastic-man 2 3 4

Design and sprites by Mambojambo, retouched design and new sprites and code by Scruffydragon-Magus

Solomon Grundy 2 3 4

Design, sprites and code by Scruffydragon-Magus

and decent progress in a few more.

Booster Gold 2

Design by and initial sprites by Rozeros, complete sheet sprites and starting code by Logansam


Design, sprites and starting code by Logansam

What's next? ... we will be working on the old chars to complement the roster of the first phase and balance them all specific for this game.

Hannibal's Superman obviously.

Buyog's and friends chars, Lex Luthor, Lobo, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Ice, Flash.  (no Parasite for now because he is kind of nightmarish for the lots of lots of code to deciphre)

Magus's and friends chars. Wildcat, Mongul, Silver Banshee, Catwoman, Phantom Lady.

Logansam, Captain Atom (his other DC chars are or were already fixed)

Sic's Joker as main design for the look,  the plan is fuse it with Larramones and Jeff's Joker that has better moves and with both make a definitive final Joker.

Wucash's Demon Etrigan and Darkseid

HCF's Starfire

Blagoy's Major Force and Blue Beetle

There are around the web various creators that never were part of this team but had some good looking DC chars, Logansam has secure a lot of permissions for use them and some of them are open source, in time we will adapt those to this game too, but first we will work on the home team chars.

about Wonder Woman, we can't use her, as many might know Loganir is a complete ass and he has the most ridiculous grudge againts me for things that I didnt even made to him...  anyway... I wont make another Wonder Woman because the current is pretty good and it would be a waste of time,  I wont include her in the game but I'll patch her in a way that you can download his Wonder Woman anywhere and you just overwrite  her with my codes to make it work to the DC game, easy piece.

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