Pocket Dr Strange Released!!

For celebrate the recent release of Dr Strange movie (since Oct 26th international, north America have to wait until November 5th) ,  we decide to jump into the wagon and also get out of the shadows a bit and undust the release system of the site by releasing Pocket Dr Strange and his stage Sanctum Sanctorum, both are in a single .rar file.


Pocket Dr Strange



Artwork by Fran Gonzalez
 Animation Sprites by John Ace
Coded by ScruffyDragon
Original Music by Markus Liimatainen
Produced by Dr Strange


For those not fans of pocket style, yes, we know is not what you expected, you want the big capcom style characters,  as a consolation and if you want to take it as a good news,  recently we recieve donation to finish Gladiator, and it will be finished this week, but for now, the release will remain private for eyes only of the single donator, but who knows maybe in a few months.

And happy halloween holidays or day of the dead,  (depend of your location).