Pocket World DC phase 2 selectable roster completed!

PWDC phase 2

Presenting the new heroes and villains that are part of the final selectable roster of Pocket World DC phase 2:
Black Canary in collaboration with DinhoTristan.
Vixen in collaboration with Lumina.
Shazam, Black Adam and Deathstroke in collaboration with Jon Ace produced by Dr Mike Strange.
Hawkgirl, Green Arrow, Fire, Star Sapphire, Harley Quinn, Shadow Thief, Terra, Bleez and Poison Ivy a Scruffydragon production.
New portrait art by Fran also produced by Dr Mike Strange.

Stay tunned for my next articles in wich I am going to compare the changes since the first version of the game beside the obvious roster expansion.

Feel free to give your opinion.

PWDC phase 2