Pocket World DC v2.0 released!

[ Pocket World DC EDITION v2.0!]


Second version of of Pocket World DC,  this release is in commemoration of the Scruffyversary, this would be the 10th anniversary (if we had continued the tradition) hehe... XD 


[PWDCv2 Screenshots]


PWDC screenshots

Wow this took a while, but only one coder around here,  I want to give a huge THANK YOU! to Dr Strange helped me a lot to produce this game and getting it ready for release.

so... what is new?

- Engine updated from winmugen hack to Mugen1.1 beta,  the good new stuff  of this version (and bad stuff) was took advantage.

 - There are 16 new characters (14 playable, 1 secret 1 new boss) with their respective 16 new stages.

- All the previous character well updated as well and all of them have endings!.

- From the feedback of the last version you can expect  most of the bugs reported were fixed, those that aren't, probably I skiped them or they were not bugs.

-There is new artwork on the portraits and a lot of new details.



So what is next?.......  I dunno, depends on the mood .... hehe